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IT Support Center S.R.L Arad – CenterIT is a Romanian company founded in 2008. Our main objective is to provide the best products and services to our customers at competitive prices. Starting 2014 our company was licenced by the local authorities to install, configure and service surveillance systems including burglar alarm systems, CCTV – Video Surveillance and access control. We provide complete solutions:








We provide complete solutions for your business starting with computers, accessories, networking, surveillance systems, software, web products, web services, consultancy and support. Our solutions are always based on a serious analysis of the customers’ requirements, needs, specific and budget to offer the best technical solution for you. One of our main priority is to provide legal information about products and services especially regarding surveillance systems and software licensing.


Quality – We permanently invest to provide the newest and best products and services.

Efficiency – We make every effort to complete projects on time, without neglecting the quality of the services we offer.

Innovation – We continuously develop new solutions.

Flexibility – We adapt to the requirements of our customers.

Actuality – In a rapidly growing market we try to offer our customers the latest services and products available on the market.

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IT&C Products

Through the strategic partnerships we have with leading importers and distributors of IT&C products, we offer our clients a full range of products required to any company. Our product portfolio covers a wide range of technologies that meet the diverse needs of our customers like traditional IT products both new and SH - computers, laptops, servers, monitors, parts, supplies, accessories, networking, software, printing and imaging, storage technologies, products specific media and mobile products.

From this position we have carefully chosen to work with brands like Asus, Acer, A-Data, Adobe, AMD, Apple, Canon, Cyber Power, Cisco, Eset, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Intel, Kaspersky, Kingmax, Kingston, Lenovo LG, Linksys, Microsoft, MSI, Njoy, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Western Digital, etc..

IT&C Services

Consulting and Audit – Optimal operation and system security are essential for any company, and therefore requires a comprehensive assessment designed to help any company to identify how the design and implementation of IT infrastructures, meet the needs of employees and the company itself. The analysis involves evaluating software and hardware resources, identify possible shortcomings in the use and potential security risks. By choosing the best IT solutions for your business you can substantially increase efficiency, saving time and money.

We offer specialized technical consultancy, starting with the design of the IT infrastructure, choice of optimal technical solutions, purchasing equipment and software solutions, installation and subsequent support.

Maintenance and support – Designing and implementing the IT infrastructure optimally and choosing the best technical solutions significantly reduce the company's need for maintenance and support, yet regular maintenance is mandatory and the support is indispensable. Support is mainly focused on solving specific problems of a product or service, while maintenance offers help to solve hardware, software, network and security problems of the company.

We provide maintenance and support based on a contract or project. Depending on the problem we provide multiple support options to our partners :





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WEB Design & Development

The Internet has become part of our lives, so for a business, and not only, online visibility is essential. We support complete online solutions. We provide websites, online stores, blogs, online data management systems and facebook pages. We offer complex solutions to increase your workflow and acquire new customers through the online environment such as hotel reservation solutions, event management, solutions for sharing photos and videos, forums, etc.


Since the revolution of mobile devices that are still growing in number, we pay special attention on design flexibility so that websites are displayed properly on all devices. Responsive web design is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling across a wide range of devices.

WEB Services

Hosting and domain registration – When going online the first step is choosing a good domain name. It should be short, easy to remember and of course representative. Depending on your business profile and on the customer target you can choose from the following extensions: • .ro • .eu • .com • .net • .info • .biz • .org • .info.

The next step is to select an appropriate hosting package according to the type of your website or web application. Choosing hosting package should not rely solely on the size of the site or web application because in most cases they require small storage space. Other factors that you should consider are the estimated monthly traffic and the number of email addresses used.

WEB Maintenance and Administration– A website is constantly evolving, so we provide our customers management and maintenance for their website, including: style and content changes, adding of new elements and security or content updates.

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Security Products

Security systems and automation are essential nowadays to everyone, so we added to our portfolio specific products such as burglar alarm systems, video surveillance systems (CCTV), access control, automation and intelligent-house systems. We offer products from both local producers and importers and directly from international manufacturers. According to our internal law we only sell products with certificates of conformity. Among the major brands we sell we’d like to mention - DSC, Paradox, Hikvision, Dahua, Envio, Fuho, Avtech, Centaur, Control4, etc.

Security Services

IT Support Center SRL is licensed for installation, modification and maintenance of security systems - License 3131 / T of 05/20/2014.

The main purpose of a surveillance system is aimed at four components: discouragement, detection, documentation and preventing or delaying any attempts to break into the protected area. Risk analysis is the starting point for any security system, underlining security risk factors and preventive measures to eliminate or minimize the effects. All these measures should take into consideration economical and organizational factors to determine possible losses or damages and expenses required to implement the required protective measures. After establishing risk factors is necessary to establish specific requirements resulting from the analysis of the risk factors in order to ensure the safety of the protected area.

In addition to professional installation of the security systems by companies authorized by the Romanian Police, regular maintenance is required for the proper functioning of the security system, this being expressly provided in regulations governing this field.

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© Copyright - IT Support Center

CenterIT - IT Support Center - Portfolio

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